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Virtual Tours

Off the Street View Platform Features


  • No plug-ins required.
  • Cross-browser compatible - including PC, MAC, Android and iOS.
  • Fluid Design - resizes based on the size of the browser window.
  • Mobile Friendly - optimized to control bandwidth.


  • Connect to photography from within Google Street View
  • Panoramas presented using the same engine as Google Street View for a seamless user experience.
  • Panoramas are cut into hundreds of photo tiles; increasing download performance and allowing for multiple zoom levels.
  • Still photos are optimized, resized and saved as multiple versions without distortion for different device screen sizes. An MLS version is also created for inclusion within your listings.
  • Each still image is loaded behind the scenes and on-demand increasing performance and minimizing load time.
  • All photography is positioned on the map allowing visitors to see where photos were taken.
  • All photography includes the compass bearing showing which direction photos were taken.

Floor plans

  • All photography is associated with a specific floor allowing visitors to quickly navigate to a specific floor number and see all other accompanying photos.
  • Each floor supports the ability to show floor plans overlaid on the map and oriented in the right direction.


  • Local places can be easily incorporated along with tours to highlight the neighbourhood points of interest.
  • Local place information such as the display marker and details can be customization.
  • Additional places can also be added as needed.

Property Details

  • Each property listing includes the ability to add property details for completeness.
  • Property details can be added at anytime through the property details form.
  • Leverage existing Property details by pasting an MLS Stratus Report into the corresponding Text area.


  • Each tour can be associated with one-to-many Real Estate Agents who have an account with Off the Street View. Each associated agent's information will be shown along with the tour.
  • Contact Details can be updated at any time by logging into Off the Street View.
  • In compliance with MLS listing standards rule R-106, an MLS compatible web address can be obtained from the Member Home Page which omits contact information.


  • Each tour is connected with Google Analytics which collects anonymous stats associated with each tour.
  • These states can be accessed though the Member Home Page by clicking the visitors link.


  • Automatically generate a professionally designed feature sheet.
  • Tours can be safely modified and previewed before republishing allowing others to review.
  • All Virtual Tours are published with a pretty web address for readability and professionalism.
  • A QR Code linked to the Virtual tour is available for print media from the Member Home Page.
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